Setting Up For An Outdoor Party When The Weather May Change

If you are planning an outdoor party, you want to make sure you do everything in your power to ensure things will go smoothly. When you are planning a party that's going to be held outside, you need to prepare for more than you would with an indoor party since the weather can change at any time. The advice provided in this article will educate you on the special considerations you need to make to decrease your chances of the party being ruined by a surprise storm or other unexpected conditions.

Rent large heavy-duty tables

Instead of going with a lot of small tables, you may want to opt for larger ones. This is going to help ensure the tables stay in place in case high winds come in. Also, the tables should be made of heavier materials. For example, it may be better to go with wood tables, rather than ones made from plastic.

Tape your tablecloths in place

If you put your table clothes on the tables without securing them in place, even a small amount of wind will gather under them and blow them up onto the plates of your guests. You can tape them to the table so the tape isn't noticeable by wrapping the tape around your fingers so the sticky side is on the outside, placing the tape on the table and pushing the table clothes down on the tape.

If the table cloths are long enough that there is more than a few extra inches hanging over the edges of the table, then you should tuck the table clock under the table and tape it to the underside so the edges don't cause you problems.

Use lights instead of candles

Using candles on the tables can be a nightmare when dealing with the outdoors. The slightest amount of wind will make it nearly impossible to keep lit and there is the chance that something will get blown onto one of them which can cause a fire hazard.  You can purchase plastic candles with battery operated flames that look real.

Rent a canopy

One of the most important things for you to do is to rent a canopy for the party area. This way, you don't have to worry about the entire party being ruined should it start to rain. You can get a canopy that covers the area while offering open sides or you can get one that comes all the way down, offering you protection on all sides. Canopies come in many styles, shapes and colors so you can get ones that helps enhance the theme of your party. You can find more information about canopies online from and other sites.

Follow the advice here for your next outside party or gathering so you know you are going to be covered if the weather plays a fast one on you at the last minute.