How To Be Creative When Inviting A Girl On A Date

You're probably too young to remember the time when all a guy did to ask a girl on a date was to call her on the phone or to ask her in person. It seems that in today's world, guys are being a lot more creative in the way they ask a girl to go out with him. Here are some ideas that might inspire you to come up with something very different and fun.

Be Clear - Before you take another step, consider exactly what your date plans are. Besides the date and time of the date, it's important for the girl to know how to dress. If you want the place or the activity to be a surprise, then just say something like Wear your best outfit, bring comfortable shoes, dress casual or any other words that will convey how she will be most comfortably dressed for your date.

Invitation Ideas - Here's where you need to think outside the box!

  • Consider extending the invitation through the mail, but don't send all of it at once. For instance, on the first day you might send a catchy expression that indicates you'd like the girl to save the day and time of the date and ask her to reply. If she says she can go out with you, then you can proceed. Consider just sending clues of where you are going. For example, if you're going to the zoo together, send a picture of a giraffe or another zoo animal. If you're going for ice cream, send words like banana split, ice cream sundae, fabulous toppings or anything else that goes with ice cream. 
  • Another mailer idea is to wrap an object with the information and send it in a box. For example, for miniature golf or tennis, the information written on a ball would be a lot of fun to receive. Did you know you can mail a flip flop through the postal service without even putting it in a box? An invitation for a day spent at the beach could be written right onto a rubber flip flop and mailed as is. Just adhere four postage stamps onto it securely and you're good to go.
  • A really fun invitation could be sent by using a balloon delivery service like Dino's Party Center. If you take your messages into the shop, they'll be sure to include them right onto the balloons or inside of them. For extra fun, they'll fill them with confetti or curling ribbon, too. Balloon delivery is very affordable and easy to arrange. You'll certainly be a hit with this one!

Best wishes as you plan your date!