Creating Baby Shower Invitations Your Guests Won't Forget

With just under 4 million babies being born in the United States each year, there is a strong possibility that you will know someone who is having a child in the near future. The joy of an impending birth can be masked by the stress of planning a baby shower, but there are some simple ways for you to create a memorable event without losing your mind.

Here are three ideas you can use to create baby shower invitations that will wow your guests and leave the mother-to-be crying only tears of joy.

1. Let your invitations double as a DIY gift.

Expectant mothers love receiving homemade gifts for their babies, and many baby shower guests enjoy showering the mother-to-be with these special items. If you want to capitalize on the unique nature of homemade gifts, but you are worried your guests won't have enough time to complete a project during the shower itself, you can let your invitations double as a DIY gift.

Pinning the details of your event to a onesie, or sending an unfinished wooden building block along with your party invitation gives guests ample time to prepare their gift in advance. DIY invitations will be put to good use, helping your create a memorable event that everyone will enjoy.

2. Use unexpected items as your baby shower invites.

Receiving a unique package in the mail is always more memorable than receiving a paper invitation, so if you want to wow your guests you should consider using an unexpected item as your invitation. Your local post office will send out unwrapped baby bottles with your party details securely tucked inside.

As your guests receive a baby bottle in the mail, they will immediately know the purpose of the invitation and be blown away by your creativity. Tie a bit of ribbon around the outside of the bottle, or fill the bottle with candy, and you have an easy way to encourage guests to attend your baby shower.

3. Make the baby the star of your invitations.

Since a baby shower is designed to honor both mother and child, making the baby the star of your invitations will help guests feel more in touch with the purpose of the party.

Fetal photography has become more popular than ever before, and placing some of these prenatal photographs on your invitations will help guests feel better acquainted with the unborn child. A baby shower invitation with actual photographs of the baby will leave your guests feeling more committed to honoring mother and child than ever before.

Planning a baby shower doesn't have to be stressful. By taking the time to think outside the box you can come up with a creative and simple way to invite guests with custom baby shower invitations to your next baby shower.