Three Tips For Keeping A Rented Inflatable Water Slide Level On Your Property

If you have small children, there are few things that will excite them more than a rented inflatable water slide. Additionally, repeatedly climbing into and getting out of a water slide will eventually tire out even the most energetic child. To make sure that your child never accidentally falls off your rented inflatable water slide because it isn't completely level, read these three tips.

Slip Wooden Boards {And A Plastic Tarp To Cover Them} Under The Slide

To raise some parts of the water slide while keeping others as they are, small wooden boards are ideal. This is because they are both smooth and interchangeable. They can be used just as before even if you return the slide, rent it again at a later date, and set it up in a different part of your yard.

But if there's nothing covering wooden boards to protect the inflated plastic, a swift push in the wrong direction could give your slide a serious puncture. Therefore, you should place either a thick plastic tarp or some other smooth waterproof surface between the wood and the inflated slide bottom.

Position The Slide Next To A Tall Wooden Yard Fence

If the bottom of your slide is grounded next to a strong wooden fence, it'll be more resistant to pressure from at least one direction. If the slide can resist pressure, it can resist becoming tilted due to either the wind or a push from an animal. As long as you have something smooth to cover the fence in, you shouldn't be risking punctures to your slide, either.

Just make sure that the fence isn't serving as a collecting tray for all the bugs in your backyard that wander into it. If you have to, spend a couple of minutes observing the area where your slide and your fence come into contact to check for bugs. If you notice more than one or two, you'll have to spray the area in bug spray in order to mitigate the risk of one of the bugs biting into your slide.

Keep Pets Far Away, Especially While The Slide Is In Use

Many pets love to jump all over a new and flashy object. This activity could merely tilt your slide or it could create a huge puncture. If you just recently rented an inflatable water slide, it doesn't make much sense to risk showing it to a jumpy pet. This is especially true if a child is playing on the slide. Giving your pet someone to interact with will cause even more excitement than usual.

You should deal with any problems with your rented water slide quickly so that your children can have as much time as possible to enjoy the experience. Just because it doesn't seem obvious to an adult, don't underestimate how much harder it is for a child to use a tilted or askew water slide than a level one.