Marrying In A Barn? Simple Solutions To Save When Planning Your Rustic Wedding

From the catering menu and photographer, to the perfect gown and coordinating colors, it is easy to see the overwhelming nature of planning a wedding. Unfortunately, these various choices can lead to expensive decisions without proper organization and planning. Considering the average cost of a wedding in 2014 was $28,671, saving money wherever you can is smart. If you are currently planning a rustic wedding, you can easily reduce your budget. Using these simple solutions to save, you will have your dream rustic wedding without spending a fortune.

Skip the Professional Event Lighting

Functional lighting is important for your guests, but it can also create or enhance the romantic mood of your wedding. Unfortunately, professional event lighting can be costly. To save money, hang multiple sets of string lights across your venue's ceiling.

Also, create candle lanterns using mason jars and votive candles. Purchase the items in bulk lots for added savings.

Budget for Rentals

If your wedding is in a barn or outdoor environment, you will need to provide the tables and chairs. Purchasing tables and chairs will be too expensive, but indoor and outdoor furniture rental can be a smart investment.

Be sure to have adequate seating for all of your guests and your wedding party. Here are some must-haves to consider for your wedding:

  • Bridal Table – Choose between a separate bridal table or special seats for the bride and groom at a larger table. A separate bridal table accommodates only the bride and groom. This small, intimate table should be placed in the front, center of your reception venue. Larger bridal tables offer seating for the wedding party, but the bride and groom will be seated at center.
  • Family Tables – A large family table should offer space for both sets of parents, grandparents, close friends, and the officiant.
  • Guests – To align with your wedding theme, it is important to make your guests relaxed, comfortable, and entertained. Round tables are perfect for your wedding guests because they allow easy communication without moving chairs.


Many couples rent formal linens for their tables, but this can increase your budget tremendously. To save, line each table with disposable white paper. Add a long piece of burlap as an inexpensive runner. While formal napkins are appealing for an elegant wedding, they do not mesh well with your rustic theme. Offer your guests traditional white napkins, which are affordable and easy to clean up.

Using these simple solutions for your table linens will cut costs while enhancing your rustic wedding theme.

Rustic weddings are becoming popular trends, but they should not cost a fortune. Using this guide, you can plan your rustic wedding in a barn in an affordable manner.