Plan The Perfect Military Reunion Party For A Loved One Who Has Returned From Deployment

When a loved one comes back from serving overseas, everyone will want to welcome them back and celebrate their homecoming with them. It is important to know that celebrating their homecoming should be properly planned in order to ensure that everything goes off without a hitch. Use the following guide to learn why you should hire a professional military reunion planner to plan your party for you.

Reintroducing Foods

When someone has been deployed for an extended period of time, there is a good chance that they have not been eating a large variety of foods. The planner will be able to determine the types of foods that the person's body is used to eating to cut down on the chances of your loved one having intestinal issues from eating newer foods all at one time.

Surprises May Not Be Welcome

Surprise parties are often not a good idea when it comes to reunion parties. Someone that has been deployed for an extended period of time may not be comfortable with people popping out of hiding places to surprise them. The planner can help with sending out invitations and bring the guest of honor in on some of the party planning so that he or she feels as comfortable as possible with the party.

Triggers Avoided

If someone is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, there are triggers that should be avoided because it could cause them to instantly feel very uncomfortable. Strobe lights, loud booming music, and flashes from a camera are often viewed as being triggers for uncomfortableness for someone suffering from PTSD. The planner will have experience with these types of triggers and be able to help you avoid them.

Ensure Calm, Peaceful Environment

The guest of honor should not feel bombarded with attention the moment they walk into the party. The planner will be able to help create an environment that is calming and peaceful for your loved one. An area can be established where the person can sit with their closest friends and family and have people come and talk to them in small groups rather than all at once.

Planning a great party to show your loved one how much they are loved is important after a long deployment. Throwing a party that makes them feel comfortable can be difficult, if you are throwing it on your own. Hiring a professional (such as one from Armed Forces Reunions) will ensure that every detail is covered and that your loved one is able to truly enjoy themselves during the party.